Tall,Drk – The Dome Theory (EP)

Wats TodayTall Drk

started off the year with ‘YAMMS’ LP w/ dre trav, then blessed us in the spring with ‘kickback tapes II: double dutch’ w/ h/lf , today, tall, drk hits us over the head with ‘the dome theory’ ep available now on all streaming platforms!!!! >> The Dome Theory (EP) <<

Tall,Drk & H/LF – Kickback Tapes 2: Double Dutch

Wats TodayH\LF, Tall Drk

Tall,Drk & H/LF – Double Dutch: Kickback Tapes 2

As expected, Kickback Tapes 2: Double Dutch is unquestionably one of the most exciting and inventive hip-hop productions in the universe (this is my opinion nigga, stfu!) Tall,Drk’s characteristically abstract + bass-heavy approach and H\LF’s smooth, yet, off-kilter style, as well as his passion for the guitar compliment each other perfectly, project has 13 joints, also features Dre Trav & … Read More

Dre Trav x Tall,Drk – YAMMS (album)

Wats TodayDre Trav, Tall Drk

Dre Trav x Tall,Drk - YAMMS (cover)

After the holidays, there was still some leftover yams. but these yams, are Dre Trav & Tall,Drk. Starting the new year off right, today, they release their 17 track album, entitled YAMMS, acronym for ‘You Always Made Me Smile’. This album features Nelson Bandela, Kass Rose Gold on 3 tracks, Ghost Dad (FKA Checkstub Curt), BBP’s Chuuwee, H/LF on the … Read More

18scales – Sometimes It Rains (album + Fade Nasty music video)

Wats Today18scales

as promised, the 18scales duo lands on date as planned, with their new project ‘Sometimes It Rains’ this their third release this year. this has those vibey feels briefly touched on previous releases. this time they go all the way in. press play & enjoy. happy holidays from the wats today family, peace. Sometimes It Rains by 18scales

Dre Trav & Tall,Drk – Quiet As Kept (single)

Wats TodayDre Trav, Tall Drk

Dre Trav & Tall,Drk - Quiet As Kept

Dre Trav & Tall,Drk is gearing up to unleash their collaborative project, entitled ‘YAMMS’. The project is expected to release before the end of the year, no specific date yet. Today, they release their first single “Quiet as Kept”, that features additional vocals from Kass Rose Gold. Available now on all streaming platforms. photo/artwork by alex cruz

Swimmy Gold – Cobain James (audio)

Wats TodaySwimmy Gold

Swimmy Gold - Cobain James

Kurt Cobain x LeBron James x Brent Davis • English Gematria 684 • Simple Gematria 114 Know thyself… “Obviously he was kinda drifting and aimless in the rest of his life, but when it came to his music; he had a very clear vision and sense of what he wanted to be doing..” – Alan Light [Music Journalist] “I’ve always … Read More

some dirty ass remixes and flips i’ve been sitting on. peace to the og’s

Wats TodayTall Drk

tall, drk

A few weeks after the release of ‘Kickback Tapes’ with H/lf. Tall,Drk is gearing up for maybe another Gallery to add to the series & the collaborative album ‘Yamms’ with Dre Trav. Today Tall,Drk releases ‘Remxsx’ a 5 track remix ep of some timeless hip hop/r&b classics that were in the stash. Remxsx by Tall,Drk

Kickback with Tall,Drk & H/lf

Wats TodayTall Drk

Tall,drk x H/lf - Kickback Tapes

Today Tall,Drk & H/lf release their collab debut, Kickback Tapes. Tall, Drk notes “a collaborative ensemble of beats, loops, and ballads by me and Richie. 80% of these tracks were all been made in three days at my house. This ain’t for Hip-Hop heads, beat heads, or cloutchasers. This is just for the people that love to hear shit. Love … Read More

Gabonano x Scvtterbrvin – Paradise Hell

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gabonano x Scvtterbrvin - Paradise Hell

Finally, the wait is over! Gabonano and Scvtterbrvin’s new collab effort is here. They’ve unloaded on the tape entitled ‘Paradise Hell’, a seven-track project featuring guest appearances from Dre Trav, Ralph Quasar, and Ric Scales. Available Now on all streaming platforms, physical copies available as well here.

18scales – Fade Nasty Chronicles Vol. 1 ‘Who Did It?’

Wats Today18scales, Ralph Quasar, Ric Scales

18scales - Fade Nasty Chronicles Vol. 1

18scales is back with another one. After announcing the album in the spring, they stayed true to their word and delivered Fade Nasty Chronicles Vol. 1 ‘Who do it?’ today. Following up from the Free-Bees EP & Free-Bees 1.8 deluxe edition, FNCV.1 contains 15 tracks in total & features guest appearances from A.Lowe, Dre Trav, Kahlee, and Rukkuz. Meanwhile production is … Read More

Swimmy Au Mini-Doc

Wats TodayEz Pennybagz, swxmmy gxld

Ez Pennybagz

Allentown’s own EzPennybagz gives deeper insight on his newly self-produced project ‘Swimmy Au‘. In this mini-documentary, Pennies takes time out of his product shoot with We Live Tv for ABEmpire to give his current perspective on today’s music industry. He also offers keen insight to all culture creatives with a passion for expressing themselves through the Arts. Until next time, … Read More

Without Warning, FreeBees by 18scales.

Wats Today18scales, Ralph Quasar, Ric Scales

18scales - Free-Bees (Deluxe Version) [LP]

Earlier this week, Ralph Quasar and Ric Scales (18scales) announced the release of a collaborative album Fade Nasty vol. 1, which is still coming sometime later this month or may. But, today, they drop an appetizer platter tape entitled ‘Free Bees’ out the blue, that features Miki Vale on WatGoesUp, were she and scales trade 8’s back to back over … Read More

Theartbreak Releases Her Self-Titled LP

Wats TodayTheartbreak

Theartbreak stands out even in this very diverse world, T releases her first official project self-titled ‘TheArtBreak’. She gives her voice to issues not always put center stage in hip-hop. With her soft, witty style, Theart addresses issues of womanhood, love & race; it’s a very therapeutic type of poetry and comes from a need to deal with everyday struggles … Read More

Get Familair with Lazy Astronauts, via SDLovesHipHop.com

Wats TodayRalph Quasar

Purity beats perfection. Every time. Gabonano and Ralph Quasar (fka 18Sense) have found a pure place that lies somewhere between procrastination and productivity. There, the duo lackadaisically built a launch pad, from which the Lazy Astronauts took to space, and they show no sign of coming back down. The recently released, self-titled album, Lazy Astronauts, feels akin to a laid … Read More

Ralph Quasar & Gabonano’s New Collaboration Project ‘Lazy Astronauts’ Is Here

Wats TodayRalph Quasar

Ralph Quasar & gabonano - Lazy Astronauts (LP)

2018 is already off to a stupendous start. On Thursday night, Dec 28th, 2017. It was announced that Ralph Quasar and Gabonano combined forces on their album entitled Lazy Astronauts. Though this was an unexpected to some & wasn’t for others. Gabo’s been working with Ralph on numerous occasions, producing tracks like “Three60” and “Goodlife”. Lazy Astronauts is produced entirely … Read More

Tall, Drk activates the New Year with a remix to one of his personal favorites from back in the day

Wats TodayTall Drk

The Beat scene is a vast playground for creators to bend & break the rules, and that’s nothing new; there’s some pretty futuristic shit happening on this planet.  Still, nothing can replace the alchemy of classic hip-hop and R&B. Today, the Tall, Drk wizrd himself, activates the new year with a track, entitled “LykeThat(Diem)“. It’s a jazzy, uptempo remix of one of … Read More

Ralph Quasar & Gabonano Announce Collab Album ‘Lazy Astronauts’ + Single

Wats TodayRalph Quasar

The part-time rhyme spitter, full-time producer fingers of CALiENS + 18scales & The Balloon Wizrd producer announed to the digital world they’ll finally release their joint album titled ‘Lazy Astronauts‘ Jan. 6th. This marks yet another in gabonano’s ongoing series of album-length collaborations. He’s teamed up with Doof for ‘Where’s Doof?‘, Dre Trav for ‘rareFLWRS‘ & Dunga with the El … Read More