Dre Trav & gabonano – rareFLWRS (cassette)

Dre Trav & gabonano РrareFLWRS LP


  • translucent brown cassette
  • (full-color) 2 sided j-card
  • run-time 42 mins
  • limited to 50 copies
  • digital download

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Album Features: Norvis Junior, Rossi Rock and more, with additional production by Go Yama, Norvis Junior, & Namir Blade.

Producer gabonano and rapper Dre Trav are releasing their 2016 debut, rareFLWRS, on vinyl. It’s a moody 15 songs held together by Trav’s obtuse lyricism and gabonano’s eerie production. Recorded over the span of 18 months, the album is a gorgeous but sober look at death. Built from short sample clips and live musicians, rareFLWRS is a dark, brilliant expression of just how fragile life can be. Dre Trav, is a natural because he’s gifted with a low affect rasp of a voice and a brilliant ear for back beats plus a casual poetic sway that separates him from everybody else. – (Jay Smith of NBC San Diego)