Watch Ez Pennybagz’s Short Film “Wake Up (intro)”

Wats TodayEz Pennybagz

Retired Drug Dealer is a short film inspired by the intro “Wake Up” off of Ez Pennybagz latest release [Digital Scales]. With president Obamas 2nd an final term coming to a close, so is Pennies tenure in the streets.

With soulful production from 18Sense complimented by The Art Break and her eclectic sunlight driven style of spoken word, We L!ve Tv captured a precious moment of bonding between father, son, and mother nature.

African Americans (Moorish Americans) comprise 12% of the population here in America and account for over 50% of the prison population. With these staggering statistics in mind and reality, we incorporated the @CourtsideNYC “Retired Drug Dealer” snapback to remind the world of the Drug War that has been ravaging inner city communities over the last 3 decades.

Although there are rarely any success stories as result of the War on Drugs, with plenty of patience, perseverance and unity there will always be a fighting chance. #WatsToday